What’s going on in the life of an entrepreneur?

What’s going on in the life of an entrepreneur? Well, in reading Ouch! The Hard Lessons Learned you’d hope they are singing ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ every day… All of these stories are about other people’s experiences, ones you can learn from; helping you beat the curve. These stories are there to help you back on track, yet also a reminder we’re never alone. Whether it’s about quarrelling shareholders, botched buyouts, doomed marriages, hijacking colleagues, or death of your drive, each of these interviews give it to you straight from the core.

When do you learn more? From your high points or your Ouch! moments? We’ve brought together interviews from some 60 entrepreneurs with their personal Ouch! stories, adding up to more than a lifetime of hard won experience in one book. Starting and restarting entrepreneurs can bombproof their growing organizations with these nuggets.